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Boston's local
Internet service provider


Boston Broadband has built a wicked-fast mesh multi-gigabit network. creating Broadband that is leapfrogging the competition with symmetrical speeds and ultra-low latency

BostonBroadband Network topology

Seaport Academy

Our school switched to Boston Broadband for our internet and telephony services over a year ago. After experiencing constant outages, bad support, and slow speed with Comcast, we were looking for a change. Comcast constantly hiked the price for a very poor-quality service. With Boston Broadband we have a fair, set price and reliable service with excellent support. The speed of Boston Broadband felt lightning fast compared to our last provider. We are so happy we made the switch!

Boston VR

We needed more bandwidth and lower latency for providing XR experiences and meetups. We wanted everyone to have 250 Mbps symmetric bandwidth to the end device. Boston Broadband provides us with 10-gigabit symmetric WAN and managed wifi with incredible speed and reliability. We're able to have 100 active clients simultaneously connected over wifi without any slowdowns. With our previous provider, we had Verizon Fios and we did not have low enough latency or enough bandwidth to operate our non-profit and engage the community with the future of XR technologies.

Benjamin Realty

To be competitive we wanted to offer a new amenity to our clients that was something in demand and useful. To accomplish this with the help and expertise of Boston Broadband our properties stand out as offering some of the fastest internet services available for residential and commercial properties.


3 Alton Pl Brookline ma 02445


Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge
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